Source code for shapepipe.modules.find_exposures_package.find_exposures


This module contains a class to identify single exposures that were used
to create tiles.

:Author: Martin Kilbinger <>


import re

import as fits

[docs]class FindExposures(): """Find Exposures. This class finds exposures that are used for a given tile. Parameters ---------- img_tile_path : str Path to tile image file output_path : str Output file path w_log : logging.Logger Log file """ def __init__(self, img_tile_path, output_path, w_log): self._img_tile_path = img_tile_path self._output_path = output_path self._w_log = w_log
[docs] def process(self): """Process. Main function to identify exposures. """ # Get list of exposures exp_list_uniq = self.get_exposure_list() # Write list to output ascii file f_out = open(self._output_path, 'w') if len(exp_list_uniq) > 0: for exp in exp_list_uniq: print(exp, file=f_out) f_out.close()
[docs] def get_exposure_list(self): """Get Exposure List. Return list of exposure file used for the tile in process, from tiles FITS header. Returns ------- list List of exposure basenames """ try: # Get history from tiles FITS header hdu = hist = hdu[0].header['HISTORY'] except Exception: # Key word not found -> raise error 'Error while reading tile image FITS file ' + f'{self._img_tile_path}, continuing...' ) exp_list = [] # Get exposure file names # History entries have format as the following example: # "input image 2243881p.fits 6 extension(s)" for _hist in hist: temp = _hist.split(' ') pattern = r'(.*)\.{1}.*' pattern_match =, temp[3]) if not pattern_match: raise IndexError( f're match \'{pattern}\' failed for filename \'{temp[3]}\'' ) exp_name = # LSB exposure names have 's', header still says 'p' # exp_name = re.sub(r'p', 's', exp_name) exp_list.append(exp_name) # Remove potential duplicates exp_list_uniq = list(set(exp_list)) # For log output n_exp_uniq = len(exp_list_uniq) n_duplicate = len(exp_list) - n_exp_uniq'Found {n_exp_uniq} exposures used in tile')'{n_duplicate} duplicates were removed') return exp_list_uniq