ShapePipe an open-source and modular weak-lensing measurement, analysis and validation pipeline written in Python.

The current version of ShapePipe starts with reduced survey images and ends by providing galaxy shape measurements along with all of the information required for shear calibration. It includes various validation tools and a novel point spread function (PSF) modelling technique. The code has been designed to facilitate the inclusion of new or improved processing steps to adapt to advances made in the coming years.


The primary application of ShapePipe so far has been to the Ultraviolet Near-Infrared Optical Northern Survey (UNIONS) data (see Guinot et al. [2022] and Kilbinger et al., in prep).

We plan to add features and find new applications for ShapePipe and will update this documentation accordingly. For more details on the first public release of ShapePipe please see Farrens et al. [2022].