After reading through the basic execution and configuration instructions it may be helpful to run a few tests.

ShapePipe includes some dummy modules for testing purposes

  • python_example_runner : an example of a module written entirely in Python

  • serial_example_runner : an example of a module that is run in serial mode

  • execute_example_runner : an example of a module that calls a system executable

None of these modules do anything particularly interesting, but they can be run to test that ShapePipe is up and running.

The example directory contains an example config file called config.ini that runs all of these dummy modules. ShapePipe can be run with this config file as follows

shapepipe_run -c ./example/config.ini

The output of this run will be saved to ./example/output. If you want a more concrete understanding of what each of the configuration options does you can modify config.ini and see what happens.