Source code for shapepipe.modules.merge_headers_package.merge_headers


This module merges the output *header* files of the ``split_exp``
module. It creates a binnary file that contains the WCS of each CCD for each

:Author: Axel Guinot


import os
import re

import numpy as np
from sqlitedict import SqliteDict

[docs]def merge_headers(input_file_list, output_dir): """Merge Headers. This function opens the files in the input file list and merges them into a SqliteDict file provided they match the appropriate pattern. Parameters ---------- input_file_list : list List of input files output_dir : str Output path Raises ------ TypeError For invalid ``output_dir`` type """ if not isinstance(output_dir, str): raise TypeError( 'Output directory for merge headers must be a string ' + f'not {type(output_dir)}.' ) # Open SqliteDict file final_file = SqliteDict(f'{output_dir}/log_exp_headers.sqlite') # Set matching pattern pattern = 'headers-' for file_path in input_file_list: # Extract file path file_path_scalar = file_path[0] # Check file name against pattern file_name = os.path.split(file_path_scalar)[1] file_base_name = os.path.splitext(file_name)[0] pattern_split = re.split(pattern, file_base_name) if len(pattern_split) < 2: raise IndexError( f'Regex "{pattern}" not found in base name "{file_base_name}".' ) key = pattern_split[1] # Load Numpy binary file final_file[key] = np.load(file_path_scalar, allow_pickle=True) # Close file final_file.commit() final_file.close()