Source code for shapepipe.modules.pastecat_package.pastecat


Class to paste different (SExtractor) catalogues of objects.

:Author: Martin Kilbinger <>, Axel Guinot


import os
import re

import numpy as np
from astropy import coordinates as coords
from astropy import units as u
from astropy.wcs import WCS

from shapepipe.pipeline import file_io

[docs]class PasteCat(object): """Paste Catalogues. This class pastes (or concatenates) a series of SExtractor output catalogues into a single output catalogue. Parameters ---------- input_file_list : list List of input catalogue paths to be pasted. output_path : str Output file path of pasted catalogue w_log : logging.Logger Logging instance ext_name : list, optional HDU extension names, if ``None`` use input file names check_col_name : str, optional If not ``None``, use column with this key to check equal number of rows in each input catalogue hdu_no : numpy.ndarray, optional HDU numbers of the input catalogue; by default set to ``2`` for all input files """ def __init__( self, input_file_list, output_path, w_log, ext_name=None, check_col_name=None, hdu_no=None ): self._input_file_list = input_file_list self._output_path = output_path self._w_log = w_log self._ext_name = ext_name self._check_col_name = check_col_name if hdu_no is None: self._hdu_no = [2] * len(input_file_list) else: self._hdu_no = hdu_no
[docs] def process(self): """Process. Process the pasting of catalogues. """ # Create output catalogue pasted_cat = file_io.FITSCatalogue( self._output_path, open_mode=file_io.BaseCatalogue.OpenMode.ReadWrite ) for idx, input_file in enumerate(self._input_file_list):'Pasting catalogue \'{input_file}\'') # Read input data cat = file_io.FITSCatalogue(input_file) data = np.copy(cat.get_data(self._hdu_no[idx])) col_names = cat.get_col_names(self._hdu_no[idx]) cat.close() # Check equality if required by user if self._check_col_name: if idx > 0: if self._check_col_name not in col_names: raise KeyError( f'CHECK_COL_NAME key \'{self._check_col_name}\'' + 'not found in input catalogue' ) if not ( data[self._check_col_name] == data_prev[self._check_col_name] ).all(): raise Exception( f'Column check using key' + '\'{self._check_col_name}\'' + 'failed for input catalogues ' + f'#{idx - 1} and #{idx}' ) data_prev = data # Add to output cat if self._ext_name: ext_name = self._ext_name[idx] else: ext_name = input_file pasted_cat.save_as_fits(data, ext_name=ext_name)