Source code for shapepipe.modules.python_example_package.python_example


This module contains an example Python class.

:Author: Samuel Farrens

.. warning::
  This is a example module. It should only be used for running tests or as a
  reference for developing new modules.


import time

from numpy.random import randint

[docs]class PythonExample: """Python Example. An example Python class. Parameters ---------- sleep_time : int Sleep time in seconds """ def __init__(self, sleep_time=None): if not isinstance(sleep_time, type(None)): self.sleep_time = sleep_time else: self.sleep_time = randint(1, 10)
[docs] def _wait(self): """Wait. Wait for :math:`n` seconds. """ time.sleep(self.sleep_time)
[docs] def _read_file(self, file_name): """Read File. Read input file content. Parameters ---------- file_name : str Name of file to read Returns ------- str Content of file """ with open(file_name) as data_file: content ='\n', '') return content
[docs] def read_files(self, file_name1, file_name2): """Read Files. Read two input files. Parameters ---------- file_name1 : str Name of first file file_name2 : str Name of second file """ self._wait() content1 = self._read_file(file_name1) content2 = self._read_file(file_name2) self.content = f'{content1} and {content2}'
[docs] def write_file(self, file_name, message): """Write File. Write content to file. Parameters ---------- file_name : str Name of output file Message : str Content to write to file """ new_content = message + str(self.content) text_file = open(file_name, 'w') text_file.write(new_content) text_file.close()