Source code for shapepipe.utilities.file_system


This module defines methods for managing actions on the file system.

:Author: Samuel Farrens <>


import os

[docs]class FileSystemError(Exception): """File System Error. Generic error that is raised by the file system. """ pass
[docs]def check_dir(dir_name): """Check Directory. Check if directory exists. Parameters ---------- dir_name : str Directory name Raises ------ TypeError If directory name is not a string """ if not isinstance(dir_name, str): raise TypeError( f'Directory name must be of type string, not {type(dir_name)}' ) return os.path.isdir(dir_name)
[docs]def mkdir(dir_name, check_created=True, exist_ok=True): """Make Directory. This method creates a directory in the specified path. Parameters ---------- dir_name : str Directory name with full path check_created : bool Check if directory is properly created or already exists, raise error if not found (default is True) exist_ok : bool If False raise an error if the directory alredy exists (default is True) Raises ------ FileSystemError If directory already exists FileSystemError If directory not properly created """ os.makedirs(dir_name, exist_ok=exist_ok) if check_created and not check_dir(dir_name): raise FileSystemError( f'Directory \"{dir_name}\" not found after mkdir command.' )